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This test is done to determine the penetration of bitumen as per IS: 1203 – 1978. The principle is that the penetration of a bituminous material is the distance in tenths of a mm, that a standard needle would penetrate vertically, into a sample of the material under standard conditions of temperature, load and time.

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Penetration test of bitumen is applied exclusively to bitumen. Tars being soft, penetration tests on these materials cannot be carried out. Penetration value of different types of bitumen used in road construction range between 20 to 225. However, 30/40 and 80

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Cone penetration. The penetration depth of a bitumen sample with a standardized cone and a defined gravity force determine the hardness and the average ...

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Bitumen Penetration Test It measures the Hardness or Softness of Bitumen by measuring the depth in tenths of a millimeter to which a standard loaded needle will penetrate vertically in 5 seconds. BIS had standardized the equipment and test procedure. The ...

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(a,b) Equipment for penetration test of bitumen, (c,d) Equipment for softening point test of bitumen. The content of structurally similar compounds in bitumen [4], ...

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bitumen. This study was carried out to design and fabricate a cost effective and efficient softening point tester to classify bitumen into grades. The Ring and ball equipment was fabricated locally according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and was utilized to determine the SP of bitumen samples collected from four locations

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Bitumen and Petroleum Testing Equipment ... Use: Used for the determination of penetration of asphaltic bitumen and fluxed asphalt and blown type bitumen, ...

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The product of penetration is used to determine the penetration of pavement petroleum asphalt, modified asphalt, liquid petroleum asphalt and emulsified ...

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1:59 Penetration test on bitumen. 22,270 views22K ... Abrasion Test by Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine ... Nov 22, 2016 · Uploaded by Chetan Patil

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The Automatic Bitumen Penetration Testing Equipment, which we fabricate, has a base with leveling screws for mounting a vertical pillar. The Automatic Time ...

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Full auto approach on conductive products & hard bitumen (in option); 4 programmable reference positions for cone holder assy; Stepper motor for penetration ...

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Procedure for Bitumen Penetration Test (i) Preparation of test specimen: Soften the material to a pouring consistency at a temperature not more than 60°C for tars and 90°C for bitumen above the approximate softening point and stir it thoroughly until it is homogeneous and is free from air bubbles and water. Pour the melt into the container to a depth at least 10mm in excess of the expected ...

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Home; Product; Bitumen Testing Equipment; Penetration. Bitumen ... measurement gauge 0.01 mm resolution/readibility and an automatic penetration timer unit.

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The depth of penetration is measured in units of 0.1 mm and reported in penetration units (e.g., if the needle penetrates 8 mm, the asphalt penetration number is 80). Penetration Grading is based on the penetration test. Figure 1. Penetration test equipment. Standard Test Methods. AASHTO T 49 and ASTM D 5: Penetration of Bituminous Materials

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A 80/100 grade bitumen indicates that its penetration value lies between 80 & 100. Grading of bitumen helps to assess its suitability in different climatic conditions and types of construction. For bituminous macadam and penetration macadam, IRC suggests bitumen grades 30/40, 60/70, 80/100.


composed by aggregates and bitumen, an infinite variety of mixtures being ... and shows the whole range of equipment for analyzing each component of the ... It shows in real time the penetration/time graph, the test temperature and the ...


Bitumen 6 Automatic Digital Penetrometer for determination of the needle penetration accord-ing to EN 1426 - ASTM D 5 - AASHTO T49. At this the path a standard needle penetrates in the sample under standardized conditions (load, time, temperature) is measured. The penetration depth of the needle is determined

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The UTAS-0120 Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer is used to examine the penetration of bituminous samples under a constant load, time and temperature. The Penetrometer consists of a cast iron base with coarse and fine levelling screws, a penetration timer unit, and a digital penetration measurement gauge with 0.01 mm readability.

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Penetration measurement thanks to a high-tech contactless displacement transducer with 0.01 mm resolution, in a range of 0 - 50 mm. 7" touch screen display equipped with an userfriendly software and clear interface. Real time display of penetration/time curve, average result and test temperature. Request information

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Kinds of Bitumen based on their purposes. It is exhausting to understate the significance of Imperial Oil in the oil sands story – certainly, within the story of Canada’s oil business as an entire. If oil is the ” satan’s excrement ” as a Venezuelan oil minister once

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